December 19, 2019
It takes more than a verbal dedication for something to thrive in society. It takes hard-earned dollars, volunteer hours, long-term commitments and much more to keep an aspect of community alive. And that is just what Baryn Futa has put forth in his dedication to the fine arts. This arts appreciator and benefactor has put his money where his mouth is to help support exhibitions, museums, artists and other elements of the art world. He’s also become a vocal supporter with goals to sway others into contributing to the arts in the same ways that he has. With arts education dwindling, particularly in the United States, and struggles among many artists to create a name for self or even make a livable wage, Baryn Futa recognizes the hurdles in keeping the arts as an important aspect of society. However, with increased help that he seeks, it may be possible the arts may once again thrive around the world.